It all started in the fall of 2003, Skyler Dela Torre met Jaron Skolrud, the drummer for Living Word Christian Center’s worship team in Silverdale, WA. Also a drummer, Skyler decided to pick up the bass and fill out the needs of the team. He drew out a fret board on a piece of cardboard and began to learn positioning and notes. Shortly afterwards, he started playing on the worship team and writing music with Jaron on the side. Shane C. Hall, a friend of Jaron, walked in on a jam session one day and the three discovered a music connection. Jaron’s friend Emily Usher was asked to be their singer, and they called themselves No One In Particular. When she lost interest, the group began writing music under the name Mars Satellite. In 2007, Mars Satellite recorded and released the self made album “Everything. Anything. Nothing.” For the next few years, the group would experiment with the music they wrote, performing shows and honing their skill.

Skyler’s passion for Drum and Bugle Corps pulled him away from the group to perform with The Cascades during the summers. His second summer with the corps, in 2009, was followed by frustration with Mars Satellite’s lack of progress. There was a vocal and lyrical void that needed to be filled. It pushed the members apart for several months, despite their ability to write and perform well together. One Sunday morning, moments before the band would have disbanded, Stephen Stasi walked into a Living Word church service and engaged Jaron in a discussion of new material with a new member. Stephen Stasi was a songwriter with a voice. Skyler, Jaron and Stephen met later that night and wrote a song that would later be known as “Rain”. The void had been filled. Under the name Sound Parade, the group wrote new material while vocally and lyrically updating songs from the previous album.

As Stephen attempted to merge his creative preferences and musical ideas with his new band’s already-developed sound, the other members discovered that writing with each other only worked well within a very small comfort zone. Arguments became commonplace during rehearsals and performances. Jaron Skolrud left the band in 2010 and Skyler Dela Torre became Sound Parade’s bassist and drummer during the recording of their new album “A Twitch, A Pulse, A Breath”. Temporary bassists were used for performances as Skyler found drumming for the group favorable. Several months after releasing the album, the tension remained. Shane C. Hall left Sound Parade. Skyler Dela Torre and Stephen Stasi sat down on their living room couch, cheap wine in hand, and wrote “Elizabeth Road”.

Late 2010, Jaron Skolrud was asked to join the group as an acoustic guitarist. After writing two more songs, they started booking shows under the name Torre. As they attempted to fill set lists with original material combined with every cover song they could imagine, it became apparent they needed a fourth musician. While practicing a Damien Rice song, Skyler invited his friend John D’Addio to play cello with Torre. John agreed to play for one song during a few shows and showed up for every practice. As he casually sat in the corner listening to them rehearse their original material, he began to play along with them. John developed violin and cello parts for three songs in the span of two rehearsals and performed with them more often. John D’Addio joined Torre in August of 2010. The four had chemistry; apparent to anyone attending their performances. Torre spent the rest of the year writing new songs and updating tracks from their previous band’s album.  

In May of 2011, Ben Beman moved to Washington State from Midland, Texas with the intention of auditioning for Torre as a second guitarist. While Skyler was away for the summer with The Troopers, Stephen and Jaron accepted Ben into the band and began working on additional guitar parts. When Ben realized that Skyler had been covering two instruments, and the band now had two guitarists, he began learning parts on the bass, an instrument he’d never learned to play. Upon returning home from the DCI Summer Tour, Skyler welcomed Ben Beman into the group. With their new bassist and a fresh batch of new material, Torre began performing at several open mic nights around Kitsap County in attempt to gain exposure and create a fan base for themselves. On a Wednesday night in Bremerton, Torre performed at Jeff Tassin’s Songwriter Showcase at Brother Don’s Bar & Grill. To say they were received well would be a vast understatement, and they regularly attended the Songwriter Showcase for the rest of the year. In that time, Torre shifted their sound from violin-driven folk to an eclectic electric feel with the addition of a full drum set and new electric guitars. As they performed across Kitsap County, fans began to ask about a debut album.

In 2012, the band relocated to the Tacoma area, but continued to attend the Songwriter Showcase. Living in the same house, they were able to focus on the details of their music as often as they desired. After winning a free session at the Songwriter Showcase, Torre entered JT Studios and began to record their debut album with Jeff Tassin, an award winning composer and accredited recording engineer. Casting Shadows was completed March of 2013, and includes songs “Rain” and “Elizabeth Road”. Old and new, every song on the album represents a different dash on the band’s timeline of musical creativity. As a whole, it’s a uniquely eclectic mix of alternative rock and folk, with certain ethnic, new age undertones and unique melodies. Torre continues to push the envelope, creating honest and soulful music that takes audiences by surprise and leaves them with melodies worth remembering.